The Codex Huntingtonianus Palimpsestus: With a Facsimle. E. S. Buchanan.

The Codex Huntingtonianus Palimpsestus: With a Facsimle

New York: Bibliotheca Sacra, 1917. Octavo. Item #027705

Reprintedf from the Bibliotheca Sacra, 45 pages, an offprint combining the articles of Dr. Buchanan from the January and April 1917 issues. It is an important issue in determining the original western text of the Gospels. The original manuscript was sold by Bernard Quaritch to the Hispanic Society though it was not yet noted as a palimpsest. He has listed the Latin and English translation in parallel columns. One of the most unusual readings cites Isaiah: "they hated the Holy Spirit without a cause" (p. 14). The earlier version says: suffer the women to bring the children to me" since the term women is left out he suggests this was a part of an intention to suppress the role of women in the life of Jesus. If so, this was a very early recession in the earliest centuries of the Christian era. The appendices on pages 35-45 are fascinating including both the fact that Rendel Harris, a major scholar of early manuscripts survived a U-Boat attack, also the very strict rules of the Council of Trent which meant even if the Vulgate were to be printed by an unauthorized printer, it was to destroyed. The mother Church would be supreme not just over the text but over who was allowed to print the text. Bound in gray paper wraps printed in black, some toning to edges. Near fine.

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