Reports from Committees of the House of Commons; Which Have been Printed By Order of the House, and are Not inserted in the Journals, Reprinted by Order of the House (16 volumes). Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons.

Reports from Committees of the House of Commons; Which Have been Printed By Order of the House, and are Not inserted in the Journals, Reprinted by Order of the House (16 volumes)

London; 1803-1806: Np. Folio. Item #027213

These reports were issued between 1715 and 1801 and were not inserted into the Journals. The reason they are so important for research is that before 1801 very few House papers were printed. Those that were printed were simply included in the Journals. The public demand increased after the Act of Union with Ireland. Charles Abbot, elected Speaker of the House in 1801, ordered the Clerk of the House to gather and list all the papers in his custody which became the Abbot Collection, this set fills in many gaps for the student of 18th Century Egnland. It is now commonly known as the "First Series". All volumes are bound in half red lether over red cloth, spines lettered in gilt, with occaisonal leaves with either browning or scattred foxing. Vol. 1. Miscellaneous subjects, 1715-1735 , viii, 707 pages, 26 pages, index. deals with the poor, smuggling, Tea, tobacco, pages 443-535 give details on the 1732 fire as Ashburnham House, the Cottonian Library with a listing of the rare books or manuscripts that were totally lost, damaged or partly damaged and still useful. v. 2. Miscellaneous subjects, 1738-1765 , viii, 467 pages, 19 pages, index. Deals with army clothing, Hudson's Bay, North-West Passage; trade of Hudson Bay Company v. 3. Miscellaneous subjects, 1771 to 1773; and East India 1772 & 1773, xix, 564 pages, 27 pages, index. Double page plan for Gun Ship of War, much on East India Company and trade (pages 137-564) naval timber, linen trade of Great Britain and Ireland,v. 4. East Indies, 1772, 1773 xix, 763 pages, 12 pages, index. v. 5. East Indies, 1781, 1782 -xii, 1015 pages with index to volumes 4 and5 at the end. v. 6. East Indies, 1783, xv, 863 pages.7. East Indies, Carnatic War, &c., 1781 & 1782 1067 pages. v.8. East Indies, Carnatic War, &c., 1781 & 1782 , xxiii 1105 pages, v.9. Provisions, poor, 1774 to 1802 xi, 735 pages, index v. 10. Miscellaneous subjects, 1785-1801 viii, 804 pages, 43 pages, v. 11. Miscellaneous subjects, 1782-1799 distilleries of Scotland with a few textual illustrations of still and 11 full page entravings of distillery apparatus, large folding hand-colord map of Scotland v. 12. Finance reports I to XXII, 1797-1798, 503 pages v. 13. 1798. Finance reports XXIII-XXXVI, 837 pages, 13 pages, with proceedings and measures of government thereon, 1798-1803 and index to the whole 837 pages v. 14. Miscellaneous reports, Port of London, 1793-1802 (with plates) Dr. Jenner's petition regarding vaccine innoculations, discover of nitrous fumigations, 635 pages, 29 pages, bound without engravings. 15. Public records, 1800 (with plates) 14 facsmile leaves between pages 64 and 65 from the Domesday Book, 667 pages, 23 pages, index, Bound without the plans. v. 16. General index, 1715-1802. The approximately 12,000 pages provide one of the deepest views of British politics as Parlaiment dealt with the shape of empire and the entire costs of its vast navy and the East India Company. Local pickup only.

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