Prescott A.T. Court House 1878, Bid for Furnishings

Item #026635

1 autographed bid for furnishings for the new Prescott County Court House signed Campbell & Parker, builders, August 26, 1878. The advertisement for bids appeared in the Weekly Arizona Miner, August 23, 1878 issued. The bidders note their bids for the furnishings made by H.G.. Howe. In the August 9, 1878 edition of the same publication, the editor notes: "A visit to the study of H.G. architect is an enterainment worth going to see...The drawings, designed and executed by him for the furniture for the various rooms and offices in the new Court House are splendig speciments of art..." article goes on to note about sealed bids. Included is ad in the August 20 for the bids.

Price: $155.00