Darwinism and Design, or, Creation By Evolution. George St. Clair.
Darwinism and Design, or, Creation By Evolution

Darwinism and Design, or, Creation By Evolution

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1873. Octavo. Item #026146

xii, 258 pages (p. 259 misnumbered at p. 359). index. One of the early attempts to find Darwin's Evolutionary views as consistent with God's omnipotence as Creator. In general, British evangelicals found evolution as a science that did not contradict the Bible, but in the U.S. there were a parade of preachers who influenced William Jennings Bryant. Consequently, in the U.S. virtually every serious scientists not only accepted Darwin's work as the basis for understanding evolution but often felt that it was necessary to discard traditional evangelical beliefs. In the mid-20th century the attempt to dismiss evolution began with Henry Morris's Christian Research Institute which never made an impact on scholars other than an object of derision; however, the scholar work of Dembski whose work on intelligent design was published by Cambridge University Press and Francis Collins who heads the Genome Project and finds it consistent with his Christian faith have at least brought the issue of ultimate origins back in the area of debate both in the realm of philosophy, science and religion.

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