The Raswan Index and Handbook for Arabian Breeders, 7 Volume Set

Mexico: Editorial Anthony. Item #025399

1957-1967. Illustrations, facsimies, bloodlines, maps, portraits. Dr. John Erich Flade quoted Raswan: "We never own a horse, it is entrusted to us." The classic set in all seven volumes comprised the knowledge of the great bloodlines, the Bedouin breeders of the last 100 years of the Arabians that made their way to Europe and America, and details which became essential to those who own and breed Arabians. Whether it was W.K. Kellogg or the Prince Fawaz as-Shaalan, the Arabian world moured his untimely death. Each volume of his work was printed in small print runs of no more than 250 to 380 copies (some were totally lost in a flood before they could be distributed). Several volumes signed by Raswan in Arabic. Volumes 2-3 are continuous hence no title page for volume III (volume II list 4640, Volume III begins with 4641). Volume 7 was published posthumously with his extensive notes. While some of the information is in Al Khamsa Arabians II (1993) and Al Khamsa Arabians (1983), the firsthand work he did among the bedouins is still essential in a complete understanding of his contribution.

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