Item #025184 Autograph Letter Signed: David Barton to Joseph Osmrod. David Barton.

Autograph Letter Signed: David Barton to Joseph Osmrod

Item #025184

1ALS. David Barton (along with Thomas Hart Benton, no direct relation and a political foe) were the first senators from Missouri. He was born near Greenville, Tennessee (then part of North Carolina) and moved to the Louisiana Territory in 1809 and became president of Missouri's first constitutional convention. He was elected Senator and served from 1821-1831. Unlike Thomas Hart Benton, he was on the anti-Jacksonian side who attempted to secure the passage of a bill giving the Senate power to remove corrupt individuals though it failed. He also fought against the failure of the government to protect Indians in spite of signed treaties. In this letter dated August 1830 written from Franklin to Boonville, he ask Mr. Boggs: "If my brother comes to town today tell him to cross the Mo [Missouri River]" The Route from St. Charles to Franklin became known as the Boon Lick Road and was the point from which one could proceed north to the Northwest Passage or south to the Sante Fe Trail. What Daniel Boone and his brothers had discovered that there was a salt lick in Howard County which they learned to extract the salt which preserved meat and sell to travelers up and down the Missouri River. The content of the letter to his friend Joseph Osmrod notes a letter from A.S. McGirk saying the change in our cause was great. He goes on to note that Owens will be elected but has refused to pledge himself against me. He says the speech on removals have done good, the people want more. Asks him to call at [William] Clark's office and bring all [the speech copies] that are undistributed. Note: his speeches were printed and reprinted in 1830 and became distributed throughout the U.S.

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