Item #018980 The Friend, Vol. V, No. 12 (June 15, 1847). Samuel Chenery Damon, Sereno Edwards Bishop.

The Friend, Vol. V, No. 12 (June 15, 1847)

Honolulu, Oah, H.I. S.C. Damon, 1847. Quarto. Item #018980

8p. A fine copy. Addresses the horrible conditions of the seaman. Besides severe beatings often leading to death, there are those who are demean them. Since the publication also wanted to promote temperance, the evangelical emphasis dealt with that also. It notes the levels of debaucery without details but besides the open sexuality throughout the ports of Polynesia, there is the hinted at but unmentioned problems of young men as victims of buggery. Of course, the paper shows those who are noticeable exceptions such as "Christian" captains but it implies conditions on the whalers were worst of all. In the back there is a list of sailings in and out of Honolulu as well as various items for sale chiefly for use on ocean voyages (rope, hooks, canvas for rigging, etc). A fascinating item in a protective folding case.

Price: $125.00