1 Autographed Letter Signed with Caricature of Her. Cathy Guisewite.

1 Autographed Letter Signed with Caricature of Her

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A pleasant letter from the cartoonist who created Cathy which had a 34 year run in 150 major newspapers. She began drawing pictures as an "emotional coping mechanism" but when her mother suggested sending them to a publisher she did to stop the nagging. Instead she received a contract which changed her life. This letter is dated May 17, 1978 and addressed to Dear Thomasine, a fan, to whom she writes: "thanks for taking the time to remind me that all the free books I could ever need are at my public library. If I see the opportunity, I'll remind all my other readers, too." Best Wishes, Cathy Guisewite. The image she has at the bottom of the letter has her holding a book and in the spine is the word: Library. Matted and with original envelope.

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