Item #018882 Autographed Letters Signed, Nov, 1944. Leand Henley, ernard.

Autographed Letters Signed, Nov, 1944

Item #018882

2 three page letters (rectos only) Both letters were kept in original mailing envelope date stamped November 23, 1944 and written from the U.S.S. Rixey. Letter I is dated Nov. 12, 1944. It is addressed presumably to his wife and daugther. He answers her that, yes he had heard Tokyo Rose about a year earlier. He says: "it seems like the Nips has the idea that they are really spreading propaganda...but it just offers a good laugh" along with a good musical program. There is "Rosie" and another who comes on before her and goes by the name "Little Orphan Annie of Tokyo". Also a man who reads news which is a lot of baloney since we are right there--I guess censor will pase this talke since it is also broadcast in the states. Letter II is addressed to his parents. Concerned his dad is working for Post home but not sure what is going on. Writes that they gave the carnival [?] to help finance it. Had heard his little daughter had stole the show at the installation. His wife Jeanie wrote and said that our daughter needed her Daddy--she also mentioned that she herself needed Daddy, ha-ha. Well believe me this husband is in terrible need for her. He is shocked to learn his mother now weighs 170 pounds, suggest reducing baths. Talks about the visit from his aunt who had left the farm to visit them in St. Louis. "Oh boy I have made a lot of plans and havd had plenty of dreams about when I come home. I think I will have Jannie meet me half way where ever that will be." Hopes he doesn't have to wait three months. (of course, It was nine months later when the atomic bombs were dropped that the surrender took place. We do not know how his dreams were met or dashed. We think of "The Best Years of Our Lives" to see an example that captures the experiences of returning veterans after the war.

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