1p Note Payable to William Henry Harrison from his Biographer, Moses Dawson, September 7, 1831

Item #018643

Moses Dawson had left Ireland late in life to escape political repression from England and already written a biography of Andrew Jackson which made him a founding father of the Jacksonian Party in Ohio. He began writing a biography of William Henry Harrison as he was running for Congress n 1823 which ended up a 464 page work. Here is a loan to Harrison in the amount of $140.70 in 1832. It may be for money promised Harrison for the sale of his book or since Harrison's political runs for Congress and a little later for the Presidency prefigured campaign war chests, it may merely have been a veiled campaign donation. In case, it is a nice copy measuring 8" x 3 3/4" with a few stains not obscuring the text.

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