Printer's Ink Monthly, (Jan-June 1934)

New York: Printer's Ink, 1934. Cloth/hard Cover. Fine. Item #018136

The trade journal that was on the cutting edge of advertising discussing the issues of live radio (what are the problems with a "live" studio audience); for instance, what happens when the audience has a prolonged time of laughting taking away from advertising time. This was also an age which loved rich art as is noted in several full page 11 3/4" x 8 1/2" color images including the full page color image by N.C. Wyeth of the Prospector (Jan 1, 1934), Will Hollingsworth (1891-1975) of the last of the great models for the Forstmann Wollen Company. Beginning in these years (1934-1935) there is a swtich to color photographic art instead of original work by major artists. There is also an advertisement for travel in Germany with one ad noting the coming 1936 German Olympics and how to make such travel comfortable and nice with no hint that already Adolf Hitler has initiated his repression on dissident groups. The combined bound volume has 380 pages that has many nice ads besides the articles on the issues in advertising where the importance of color with the new processes is noted,

Price: $125.00