Andy Lowe Gold Mining Stock (famous Fraud case in 1926)

Denver, CO: Andy Lowe Gold, 1925. Fine. Item #016680

Two nice pieces of gold mining stock with both from the Idaho Springs Mining Exchange and the actual stock of the Andy Lowe Gold Mining Company. One is the letter confirming the purchase with a note that condiitons at the mine are "most favorable" and the other the is the actual stock certificate for 1000 shares. When the New York Attorney General found out that is was a scam with no papers filed with the state, here an actual resident of Denver fell for the scheme. As in my late aunt's investment in Uranium mines in the late 1940's, it was a scam. Typically in these cases the prospective buyer was offered a chance to get in "on the ground floor". For $50 they would get $100,000 in stock value. Then the purchser died nearly 13 years later, the stocks were turned over to the administrator of the estate but had no value.

Price: $40.00

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