Item #016632 3 Autograph letters to Francis Bickley on four Pages (September 1925?- April 1926). John Austen.

3 Autograph letters to Francis Bickley on four Pages (September 1925?- April 1926)

Item #016632

Each letter written to Francis Lawrence Bickley, author of The Adventures of Harlequin which was one of early fine books he illustrated. Each written on his letterhead John Austen. The September letter is not dated by year but from internal evidence points to 1925 when his "Rogues in Porcelain" was issued by Chapman and Hall. Austen writes that he is glad he thinks well of the "Rogues" and I look forward to your criticism of it. [In a case of apparent censorship, he writes:] "A[rthur]. Waugh, publisher of Chapman and Hall, is [desolatest?] because forsooth I have included "The Dove" its evidently the first line he had read it, as he knew well that I was to use it and now he says its indecent and will probably stop sales. I suggest it only increases them. I will certainly tell him to include the Bookman in his list but probably has already done so." He goes on to note: "I enclose the proof of your story which I enjoyed muchly--wish I could decorate a volume of such. Certainly, I will do something with them and will post the drawings when complete, we may be lucky with them." If you have seen Harry Clarke since his visit here, you will have a graphic description of our little estate. Letter of Feb 14th (1928), he notes he is at work on illustrations for Byron's Don Juan for John Lane and also something for Geoffrey Bles, suggests a project for which he proposes to do decorations (though there will not be money in it), mentions his new Rolls Royce and offers to give Bickley a tour if he can trust Austen's "wild driving" In the letter of April 20 invited him to enjoy the country life which he and his wife already have come to love. John Austen is known in the U.S. for his many illustrations for George Macy's Limited Editions Club though his English illustrated books are far more scarce.

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